Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A Great Idea To Share!

So with it being the Back to School time of year, we are able to find all sorts of school supplies to alter and create with. You know the ever famous compostition notebooks, pencil cases sort of things. Well I have a new idea ! I was walking through my local office supply store (Staples) checking out all the back to school deals and came across these vinyl binders in tons of colors and just knew they could be used for more than a notebook....and best part they were only 25cents each!!!!

And just look at all the color choice there are! (I am on the lookout for more!)

So what I am suggesting you do is cut the covers off the notebooks and save all the parts. The covers are what I will be using to give you ideas. However, the metal binder rings can be used for other things as well. What you ask? Well you can nail them on a piece of wood and hang items from the loops like ribbon or packaged embellishments, or you can use them to make a chipboard album by attaching them to the chipboard with brads through the holes on each end.....(let me know what else you think of!!)

Now what can we do with the covers? Well here are just some ideas....and again please post and let us know if you think of any others!!!

We can use our die cut machines to cut out shapes and letters! For those who have a Cricut, when the new 2" blades come out, we should be able to cut this material! yippee! Oh and just think of these die cuts in the ever popular acrylic albums! (I bet they would look awesome!)

Don't throw away the part you are left with after you cut the die out. It can be used as a template. You can also ink or paint inside the cut out. Maybe use glue and glitter!

Then you can use scissors to cut just around the outside edge of the flower for a whole different die cut look!

You can use pieces as elements for "windows" in your cards or scrapbook pages!

And last idea I have for you is you can use it to make covers for mini albums. You can even make pages to mix in with pages of an acrylic album!

So run out and get the notebooks cheap while you can!!! Enjoy!