Tuesday, August 20, 2013


I was asked by Paul and Siri to joing their Design Team at WILD ORCHID CRAFTS!!!!!

You can visit and shop at their store www.wildorchidcrafts.com

They have amazing flowers and other goodies to discover!

I am so so honored and excited as I have always wanted to be a part of their team!!! yay me!

Thanks for having me, Paul and Siri!

Design Team Project for The Piece By Piece for August

I created what I call a canvas pocket for this months project.

I really had fun making this and using all of Bev's lovely trims.

To learn more about it you can see the video by clicking > AUGUST DESIGN TEAM PROJECT FOR THE PIECE BY PIECE

Thanks for looking!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Travel Mini journal for upcoming road trip

Hi y'all.....well I am super excited because at the end of August and most of September I will be travelling with and visiting with my friend Carlene and her hubby.  We are driving up the California coast over to Idaho where I will stay a while then fly home.  I am super duper excited and I thank Carlene and her hubby for this awesome opportunity.

In honor of that I decided to make a travel journal to save all the paper trail along the way and to mark our journey so that years from now when I am old and gray I can sift through it and remember what a wonderful time I had (because I know I will).

This mini is made of file folders that I folded to make the book.  I will just post a few of the pictures here but should you want to see more you can check out my video on You Tube here TRAVEL MINI LOG  It had not been fully embellished as I will do that upon returning from our travels.  Thanks for looking and if you have any questions, please ask. 



So yesterday on the 16th.....I woke up feeling great.  Had been having a really difficult time sleeping due to pillow issues.  Well it seems the night before I found the winning combinations of pillows and I slept like a baby.....it was so needed and I woke up feeling so refreshed. 

So normally I would go into the kitchen and grab some coffee and sit at the computer checking all the daily places.  However this time I decided to give my puppies a bath first and feed them etc.  I finally got that done feeling accomplished to have something done so early in the day.  Grabbed some coffee and sat at the computer.  I go onto You Tube where there is a comment on one of my videos from AccuCut saying that they were trying to reach me.....please email us at......

So I did that and a while later I got an email back stating that I was going to be very happy we made contact because...........................

I was their 4000 Facebook Friends winner and I won a GrandeMARK Multi-Craft Cutting Machine from their company!!  I had to read that email twice, lol!!!  I was so dern excited I was running around my house like a crazy nut!  Thank you so much AccuCut for such an amazing prize....I have wanted this machine for soooooooooo long.  Yay me!!!

This is what it looks like for those who don't know.  It is a giant die cutting machine.

So the next strange thing is that I went on You Tube to see a video on the machine I won and to my surprise I had not only seen that video 1 year ago, but out of 8,000+ viewers I was the only person to leave a comment!  lol  Have a look! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sAvZg-RMKhg
Anyways, to say the least....it was a great day!  See ya next time.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Well I am going to try this yet again! bwahahaha

Ok, so I have so many different internet things to keep up with and I just have not had time for this blog.....BUT I will try againt to see if I can keep up with it.  Don't expect anything fancy....mostly just posts of projects I have created.  I think if I don't  make it this time I will delete this blog so wish me well!