Wednesday, December 23, 2009

~*~ Christmas Gift for my mom ~*~ mom has to be one of the hardest people to shop for, not just at Christmas but any time what so ever! She either has it or doesn't want or need it. Every year I hit the stores thinking this might be nice or that might be nice, and every time I walk out with nothing and end up trying to come up with yet another way to creatively give her cash (which I hate doing, but she LOVES it! lol!) Well here it is two days before Christmas, I have walked through all the stores I care to trying to come up with a gift and nothing! So how in the heck am I going to present her with money "this time"?

So I thought and thought and finally I could visualize what I wanted to do, but not sure how to execute it. So off to the dollar store I go in search of whatever I need to pull it together and I found this gift bag and knew that was what I needed!

So I bring it home and start cutting Santa out of the bag. I got a piece of foam core board and added some glitter paper to the bottom of the board to resemble snow. Then I found a piece of patterned paper that had a tree scene on it and cut the lower portion of it off so I could set it on top of the glitter paper making the trees look like they were in the snow. I glued Santa's legs to the snow area of the board and used foam dots to raise his upper part of his body to give it some dimension. I cut out his list from my cricut and added a note to it. I cut a place where his thmb was and hung the list from it. I also added white lace around the edges. And this is how that turned out....

Ok, so where is the money portion of this? Well if you look at his sack of toys on his back, there is a red bow :) and when you pull on the bow................

So that was what I came up with this time! I will wrap it up and give it to her Friday! Thanks for visiting me and Merry Christmas to you and yours. Be safe and cherish the moments.


Marlene said...

OMG Gina, increible. I love it, I don't know how you came up with that from a dollar bag? But it turned out great and you mom is going to love it.
May you have a wounderful Christmas and may the next year bring you health, peace and love.
God bless you and your family.

Dawn-Marie said...

Gina~ You are sooooooooooo talented! I love that! I never would have come up with that in a million years! Your mom is going to love that! Hope you have a fabulous Christmas! :)